CloverSmash! New Years 2015 Concert (クローバースマッシュ!新年の2015コンサート) is CloverSmash!'s 2015 new years live concert. It took place at the Nakano Sun Plaza venue on January 1, 2015.


  1. Goldengirl
  2. Yatto Koko ni Iru Yo (やっとここにいるよ)
  3. MC (New Years Resolutions)
  4. Yogore Hane no Keru 
  5. Shining Itoshiki Anata
  6. FIRST KISS (Acoustic Ver.)
  8. Tan Tan Taan!
  9. MC 2 -Guests Natsuyaki Miyabi and Ikuta Erina
  10. Namida GIRL - Tsugi Elliot
  11. Arekore Shitai! -Otsuka Karen
  12. Elegant Girl -Mochizuki Nina
  13. Iku ZYX! FLY HIGH
  14. The Matenrou Show
  15. MC 3
  16. Medley:
    • Magic Of Love
    • Yattarouze!
    • Ai no Sono - Touch my Heart! - (Piano version)
    • GET UP! Rapper
    • Akai Nikkichou
  17. TIME WARP!
  18. Encore:
    • Madhouse Monogatari (マッドハウス物語)
    • Kacchoii ze! JAPAN


  • A majority of the concert is filled with Hello! Project songs.
  • Two new songs, Madhouse Monogatari and Yatto Koko ni Iru Yo, were introduced at the concert. It is unknown if the songs will be released in the future or not.
  • Berryz Kobo member Natsuyaki Miyabi and Morning Musume. '15 member Ikuta Erina participated as special guests for the second MC.
  • Members' New Years Resolutions:
    • Tsugi Elliot: "My New Years resolution is to become the ace of CloverSmash!. I've been working very hard for that special moment, and I want all of my efforts to actually pay off".
    • Mochizuki Nina: "My New Years resolution is for CloverSmash! to become mainstream. I want us to have a unique image as idols".
    • Otsuka Karen: "My New Years resolution is to perform in America, all because I want to try eating with a fork".


Date Venue Doors Open Concert Starts
01/01 Nakano Sun Plaza 15:00 16:00