Fierce & Fire (激しい&ファイアー) is a teen idol group under UP FRONT PROMOTION, formed in February 2015. The group completely consists of former members of Hello! Pro Foreigners and Hello! Pro DIVAS.

The group is starting off indies, and will release their first indies single sometimes around June to July.


  • Okada Mizu (岡田ミズ)
  • Nagase Hitomi (長瀬仁美)
  • Ibuko Miya (伊吹宮)
  • Wen Qieyue (闻七噩悦)




  • [2015.06.01] Kasai to Notatakai
  • [2015.09.16] EDGE OF GLORY


  • They were formed alongside SUNSIDE Girls,and the two groups are considered rivals.
  • The group is to have an "edgy, dark, cool" image.

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