Groovy Candy! (グルービーキャンディ!)




Japanese Pop

Years Active

2013 - Present


@1 (former), H1GHFLY, DreamS,Hello!Project, UP-FRONT WORKS

Main Members

Aisaka Minori (2013 - Present)
Kosuga Rin (2013 - Present)
Koizumi Ichigo (2013 - Present)
Shirakawa Nanami (2013 - Present)
Hirose Kana (2013 - Present)
Uehara Yuna (2013 - Present)
Mizusawa Chiho (2013 - Present)
Asakawa Sakura (2013 - Present)
Kushieda Mai (2013 - Present)

Associated Acts

DreamS, μ's, Polaris α, Vega β, NeXus, LoliLolli, Heart Candy, Pure White

Groovy Candy! (グルービーキャンディ!) is a group under the collective group DreamS and managed by H1GHFLY. They were formerly managed by @1. They were formed in 2013 and currently have 9 members. Their DreamS group color is Yellow


On March 1, Tsunku announced that he was to make another DreamS group, this time they were to be school idols. He chose members out of the Kenshuusei (indicating a mass Kenshuusei graduation) that were all born and went to school in Saitama. He chose 9 members; Aisaka Minori, Koizumi Ichigo, Hirose Kana, Uehara Yuna, Mizusawa Chiho, Kosuga Rin, Asakawa Sakura, Shirakawa Nanami and Kushieda Mai. He also announced that Aisaka Minori was to be leader and Kosuga Rin to be sub-leader. They graduated on April 13 and released their major debut single called, "Kore Kara no Someday" on May 20, which sold 654,768 copies. They were to only perform at school concerts and street performances, but will also perform at DreamS concerts. They all now go to the same school. 


Current Members:Edit


  1. [2013.4.13] Kore Kara no Someday
  2. [2013.06.20] Bokura no LIVE kimi to no LIFE
  3. [2013.10.25] Snow Halation
  4. [2014.02.01] Yuudachi! Through the Rainbow


  • They are the 6th DreamS group formed.
  • Known to have cute, upbeat songs.
  • Their member colors are named after foods, adding to the cuteness of the group.
  • Their rivals are Nihon Kiss and NeXus.
  • The group is solely made of DreamS Kenshuusei
  • They have the most members in one group out of DreamS, with 9 members.
  • They were formerly under @1.
  • They are currently under H1GHFLY.

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