JupiNus (ジュピヌス) is a Japanese boy group under the collective group HoshiBoshi Pro, and managed by H1GHFLY. They were formed in 2013 originally for the drama "Hagemasu! Yude Tamago~!" and became an official group during March 2013. They currently have 4 members. Their Hoshi color is Dark Blue.



JupiNus was originally a made-up group composing of 4 Little Oujis (training programs that train boys under HoshiBoshi Pro to become an idol) -- Uehara Takeo, Ogawa Raikou, Shinohara Yuudai, and Aizawa Kenji. After a big demand for the drama's groups to become real-life, JupiNus debuted under HoshiBoshi Pro with their drama debut song, "GAME". It was announced that Uehara Takeo (who played JupiNus' leader in the drama) was to be the leader for the group.

On October 28, Icchan added a new member to the line-up -- 1st Generation Little Ouji member Takemura Junichiro. He will begin activities on November 2.




Major SinglesEdit

  1. [2013.03.31] GAME
  2. [2013.06.17] We can be one
  3. [2013.08.01] Splash Free
  4. [2013.10.30] Bye Bye Dubye ~See you again~[Lyrics]
  5. [2014.05.10] Glory Road
  6. [2014.08.18] With You

Character SongsEdit

Otsuka Sora/Uehara TakeoEdit

  1. [2013.05.16] TBA

Fujisaki Tomoe/Ogawa RaikouEdit

  1. [2013.06.16] TBA

Saotome Takumi/Shinohara YuudaiEdit

  1. [2013.07.16] Mirai no Omoide/Kirisaki★CARNIVAL

Sakurai Kou/Aizawa KenjiEdit

  1. [2013.08.16] Ao no Kanata/JOY


  • Was originally only intended to be created for the drama, but because of high demand, they were created in real life.
  • Aizawa Kenji is a big fan of NeXus and Polaris α.
  • JupiNus is often paired up with Dearly Stars to compete with GalaXy at concerts.
  • Solely made from Little Oujis.
  • Replied that their rivals are HI-5 & Dearly Stars.
  • Ogawa Raikou is a big fan of Morning Musume.
  • Aizawa Kenji and Takemura Junichiro are good friends, and attend the same school.