Miyanaga Misaki (宮永美咲)
Miyanaga Misaki promoting "Diamond Only"

Also Known As

Beauty-chan, Cinderella, MiyaMisa, Electric Girl, Saki-chan


March 9, 1998 (Age 17)


Japanese Pop


Singer, Dancer

Years Active

2011 - Present


Hello!Project, UP-FRONT WORKS, @1

Associated Acts

Polaris α, μ's

Miyanaga Misaki (宮永美咲, born March 9, 1998) is a Japanese Pop singer under the collective group DreamS. She is a member of the Japanese Pop group Polaris α and member of μ's with NeXus' Fujiwara Emi, Akimoto Miharu and Sugiura Asuka. She is also a voice actress.



Miyanaga Misaki passed the auditions to be in a group under DreamS, beating 23,485 other auditionees, along with Satou Miki , Takahashi Rie  and Suzuki Eri .


A year after Miyanaga Misaki passed the auditions, it was announced by Tsunku that she alongside the other 3 successful auditionees finished their training and were going to debut under the group name Polaris α. 

On January 1, Polaris α debuted with "SHINING☆STAR". 


On March 2, it was announced that Miyanaga Misaki alongside NeXus' Fujiwara Emi, Akimoto Miharu and Sugiura Asuka, were to create a dance unit called μ's. At the same time, it was also announced that Takahashi Rie, Suzuki Eri and Satou Miki were to form a new sub-unit named "Asobi Masho!".  On June 2, 4 months after it was announced,  μ's danced to Up Up Girls (Kari)'s  Chopper☆Chopper & S.M's dance unit Younique's Maxstep at the PolaVega collaboration concert. 


On April 9, Miyanaga Misaki released her first solo single "Someday of my Life/Mou Hitori Janai yo". It sold 395,340 copies, making it her highest selling single ever. On May 20, Miyanaga announced that she will be in a stageplay with Morning Musume graduates Niigaki Risa  & Takahashi Ai  . The play will begin somewhere in the beginning of 2014. 


  • Name: Miyanaga Misaki (宮永美咲)
  • Nickname: Beauty-chan, Cinderella, Saki-chan, MiyaMisa, Electric Girl
  • Birthday: March 9, 1998 (Age 17) 
  • Birthplace: Saitama, Japan
  • Blood type: O
  • Height: 166cm (5"5)
  • Hello! Project Status:
    • 2009-10-28: Egg Trainee
    • 2011-01-01: Polaris α Member
    • 2011-01-01: Member
  • Years in Polaris α : 4 Years
  • Polaris α  Color: Yellow
  • Eastern Zodiac: Tiger
  • Western Zodiac: Pisces
  • Charm Point: Smile
  • Weak Point: Fooled too easily (gullible)
  • Strong Point: Her dancing
  • Favourite Animal: Hamster
  • Special Skill: popping (type of dance style), dancing since 4 years of age
  • Hobbies: Listening to music, dancing, practicing singing
  • Favorite Food(s): Beef Teriyaki
  • Least Favorite Food(s): Garlic
  • Favorite Colors: Yellow!
  • Favorite Sport: Badminton
  • Favorite Movie: Kiki's Delivery Service, The Lion King, Cinderella
  • Quality you have that you won't lose to anyone: My love for dancing!
  • Motto: "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."
  • Looks up to: Nakajima SakiKim Hyoyeon
  • Favorite Song: "I GOT A BOY" by SNSD
  • Hello! Project groups:
    • Polaris α  (2011 - present)
    • SINX (2012 - present)

Singles Participated In:Edit

Polaris α

  • [2011.01.01] SHINING☆STAR
  • [2011.03.30] Love like Candy Floss
  • [2011.09.14] Kirari
  • [2011.12.31] Onaji Kimochi
  • [2012.02.14] Kodou no Himitsu
  • [2012.06.04] Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo
  • [2012.10.27] PINKY JONES
  • [2013.01.01] Asian Celebration
  • [2013.03.17] WILD STARS
  • [2013.05.01] Maid Kiss
  • [2013.06.20] Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game

Solo SinglesEdit

Character SongsEdit

  1. [2013.06.14] Love, How do you do? (as Takamori Yuko)

DreamS Edit


  1. [2013.03.17] Hagemasu! Yude Tamago~! (as Takamori Yuko)



  • She has an older sister and an older brother.
  • Is the weakest singer, but the strongest dancer.
  • She got the nickname "Electric Shock Girl" because when she dances it's like she's being electrocuted.
  • Her specialty in dancing is popping and hip hop.
  • Fans say that whatever she does is cute.
  • She is allergic to dogs. 
  • Gets fired up whenever they start singing Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo and WILD STARS at concerts.
  • Is really good at acrobatics.
  • Gets along with Suzuki Eri and Takahashi Rie the best.
  • Is envied for her dancing skills.
  • If she could be another member, she said she would be her fellow member Suzuki Eri, because she wanted to know what it was like to sing with such a deep, rich voice. Coincidentally, Suzuki Eri replied that she wanted to be Miyanaga Misaki when asked the same question, because she wants to be able to dance as good as her.
  • Was the third member chosen to be in Polaris α. 
  • Wants to perform at Budokan as Polaris α.
  • Considers Choi Ha Na as her rival, because they are both the visual and lead dancers in their respective groups. Coincidentally, Choi Ha Na said the same.
  • She is close with Vega β's Choi Ha Na, despite being rivals. 
  • Choi Ha Na and her do dance acts together at collaboration concerts.
  • Wants to be able to sing and dance at the same time better.
  • Shares the same birthday as SNSD's Kim Taeyeon
  • Is the second tallest in Polaris α and DreamS, being only 2cm shorter than her fellow Polaris α member Satou Miki
  • Has improved incredibly vocally since her last solo single, as stated by her group members and Icchan herself.
  • She cried when she found out that Choi Hana was leaving DreamS after the disbandment of Vega β.
  • She is currently in her third year of high school.