Nagare★boshi (ながれ★母子)




Japanese Pop (J-Pop)

Years Active

2013 - Present



Main Members

Miyamura Hanami (2013 - Present)

Ogawa Chiaki (2013 - Present)

Kurihara Mayu (2013 - Present)

Takishima Megumi (2013 - Present)

Sagami Yuko (2013 - Present)

Hanazono Risa (2013 - Present)

Associated Acts

DreamS, Polaris α, Vega β, NeXus

Nagareboshi (ながれ★母子) is a Japanese pop idol group under the collective group DreamS and managed by H1GHFLY. They were formed in 2013 and currently have 6 members.

Their DreamS color is Purple



New DreamS producer Icchan decided to add two new groups to DreamS, just to liven things up. The first group created was Nagare★boshi, and the second group created was Hana❀Emi. It was named Nagare★boshi because the group was suddenly announced and debuted at NeXus' live in the Kanagawa Prefecture, so it stands for "Shooting Star", like how a shooting star suddenly appears in the night sky out of nowhere. Hana❀Emi means to show smiles as beautiful when flowers suddenly bloom (a "flowery expression"), so it's like an unexpected smile, like an a flower blooming unexpectedly, as this group was announced the same way Nagare★boshi was. Nagareboshi debuted on that stage with "Tokimeku Tokimeke". When asked about how she gathered all the members together, she said she all found them from hidden auditions that was conducted by DreamS as a surprise.



  • Nanase Rin (七瀬鈴; Yellow) (Leader, Lead Vocalist)
  • Ogawa Chiaki (小川千秋; Light Pink) (Sub-Leader, Main Dancer)
  • Kurihara Mayu (栗原まゆ; Teal) (Lead Dancer, Main Vocalist)
  • Takishima Megumi (滝嶋恵; Orange) (Main Dancer)
  • Sagami Yuko (相模裕子; Green) (Lead Rapper)
  • Hanazono Risa (花園りさ; Plum) (Youngest, Visual)


  1. [2013.04.10] Tokimeku Tokimeke
  1. [2013.08.01] Don't Think! Feel!!
  1. [2013.09.23] Hachikiss (8kiss)
  1. [2014.07.18] Fallen Sunset


  • Dream is to perform at Budokan.
  • They are the 7th group to debut under DreamS.
  • The members were all found at hidden auditions conducted by DreamS.

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