Nagase Ren (長瀬蓮; born on October 30, 1993) is a former 1st Generation Little Ouji and leader of HoshiBoshi Pro group TθPAZ. He is also a model. He is also the older brother of Polaris α member Nagase Mirei.



On February 4, Nagase, alongside 14 other boys, successfully passed the first auditions for HoshiBoshi Pro, making up the 1st Generation Little Oujis. 


On June 20, it was announced that Nagase, alongside Matsudaira Akihiko, Sakaguchi Kazuto, and Ibuki Toshio, were to be the members of a newly created Hoshi group, called TθPAZ. They graduated on June 30, and debuted on September 2, with "One Chance". 

...To be finished



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