PiNK is an idol rock band formed under UP FRONT CREATE in May 2013. It is led by former Shiko Jikan member Zau Chen.


  • Chen (チェン) Leader - Vocals
  • Mei (メイ) - Vocals / Guitar
  • Rica (リカ) - Guitar
  • Kana (仮名) - Bassist
  • Momo (もも) - Drummer


2012-2013: FormationEdit

In November 2012, the audition for new members for Zau's band began. The first audition ended in no results, so another one was held in February. By May, they had their line up complete: Chen (Leader/Vocals), Mei (Vocals/Guitar), Rica (Guitar) and Kana (Bass). Just a week later, a failed auditionee from the first audition, Momo was added as the band's drummer and chorus vocals.

PiNK had began their activities as the opening acts for Hello! Project concerts, until July 27, when Zau had official left the Hello! Project. By then, PiNK had performances at Tokyo Idol Festival and THE IDOL ROCK Festival. 

September 19th, PiNK released their first indies single, "THE Fairy!", and held a live tour from September 22 to November 3.