SINX is a dance unit made up of DreamS members from their respective groups. SINX was formed in 2012. 



On March 2, it was announced that Polaris α's Miyanaga Misaki alongside NeXus' Fujimoto Emi and Akimoto Miharu and also Vega β's Choi Hana, were to create a dance unit called SINX

On June 2, 4 months after it was announced, SINX danced to Up Up Girls (Kari)'s  Chopper☆Chopper & S.M's dance unit Younique's Maxstep at the PolaVega collaboration concert. 


After a long hiatus, SINX came back with a new routine, to High-King's C/C (Cinderella/Complex) and SNSD's I Got A Boy. They will perform at the Dreaming Stars collaboration concert in March. They have also added new members; Choi Hana (Vega β), Yamaguchi Sachiko (Hana❀Emi), Kushieda Mai (Groovy Candy!), Miyamura Hanami and Kurihara Mayu (both from Nagare★boshi), and Akimoto Yumi. It was also announced that NeXus' Sugiura Asuka will have to take a hiatus from the unit due to busy schedules.

2015 Edit

After a year of hiatus, SINX came back at the DreamS ~Constellation Summer~ Concert 2014 with a whole new routine.

Current MembersEdit

Generation 1 Edit

(Known as SINX G1) Edit

Generation 2Edit

(Known as SINX G2) Edit

Dance RoutinesEdit

  • Chopper☆Chopper (G1; later on G2)
  • Maxstep (G1) 
  • I Got A Boy (G1 & G2)
  • C/C (Cinderella/Complex) (G2) 
  • I'm sorry I'm sorry (offvocal) (G1 + Choi Hana & Akimoto Yumi)
  • RYDEEN ~Dance all night remix~ - All (0:29- all, 0:58 - Choi Hana, Miyanaga Misaki, 1:09 - G2, 1:24 - G1, 1:38 - Akimoto Yumi and Akimoto Miharu, 1:55 - G2, 2:09 - G1, 2:38 - All)



  • The members pick which song they want to dance to, and majority rules.
  • There is currently no leader.
  • They learn the dance on their own.
  • All the members in this unit are the lead dancers or main dancers in their respective groups.
  • They do not sing in this unit.
  • This is the only unit in DreamS that does not contain any singing, unless specified. 
  • They are known for their complicated, sharp dance routines.