SUNSIDE Girls (サンサイドガールズ) is an teen idol group under UP FRONT PROMOTION, formed in February 2015.The group consists of former Hello!Project Foreigners and Hello!Project DIVAS. members.


  • Takumi Madoka (匠まどか)
  • Rahni (ろに)
  • Erika (エリカ)
  • Madison (マディソン)
  • Norio Rei (則夫玲)
  • Song Ju Li (송 후아 리)
  • Mori Nana (森奈々)
  • Ying Qiu (英求)




  • [2015.05.02] Hello, Welcome to Sunside!
  • [2015.08.26] Just be Myself


  • They are the rival group of Fierce&Fire.
  • The group's image is to be cute, energetic and happy. 
  • Member Rahni's name translates into "Roni". According to Rahni, it was easier to spell it that way and has the same pronunciation.

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