Sexy Beatvia (セクシービート) is an all girl Japanese pop group under The Idol Project. They used to be managed by UP FRONT PROMOTION.

Sexy Beatvia's highest selling single is Onigai! with 23,509 copies sold and Sexy Beatvia's lowest selling single is Kyaa~ with only 10,234 copies sold.


Current MembersEdit

  • Fuji Akane (ふじ朱音; Yellow) Leader
  • Hiroko Minachi (弘子ミナチー; Pink) Sub Leader
  • Kyoto Ringo (京都リンゴ·; Red)
  • Tamura Ayaka (田村あやか; Purple)
  • Oda Kaede (小田楓; Blue)
  • Maeda Sakura (前田さくら; Green)
  • Koga Riko (古賀リキ; Orange)

Former MembersEdit

  • Murakami Momoka (村上桃華; Coral; Left on July 24, 2008)



On July 23, the formation of Sexy Beatvia was announced. There would be eight members from Up Front Eggs that would form the group.

On September 30, Sexy Beatvia debut with the single, DISCO.

On December 3, Sexy Beatvia released their second single, Kakumei.


On April 11, Sexy Beatvia released their third single, BaKa.

On August 20, Sexy Beatvia released their fourth single, Onigai!

On November 23, Sexy Beatvia released their fifth single, Kyaa~. This was the last time the group released their own songs, until 2014.


On July 24, Murakami Momoka left the group due to her school not allowing her to become an idol.


From January to November, Sexy Beatvia became inactive, only releasing one cover single.


After the formation of The Idol Project, Sexy Beatvia moved to The Idol Project, and switched labels. Sexy Beatvia moved to the ONE ↑ label.

It was also revealed that the group would stop covering songs as singles, but would release new songs.


When The Idol Project disbanded, they were transferred back to UP FRONT WORKS.



  • All singles until Kyaa~ are on the UP FRONT WORKS Label. Everything else is on the One ↑ label.
  1. [2006.09.30] DISCO
  2. [2006.12.03] Kakumei
  3. [2007.04.11] BaKa
  4. [2007.08.20] Onigai!
  5. [2007.11.23] Kyaa~
  6. [2013.09.11] One WAY = MY WAY / Chance no Jidai!
  7. [2014.02.01] Shin Beat! / Sora no Mirai / WE ARE ONE

Cover SinglesEdit

  • All singles are on the UP FRONT WORKS Label
  1. [2008.05.16] Thumbs Up! / EXTRA
  2. [2008.10.10] Koi no Hana / HEART
  3. [2009.12.25] YEAH Mecca Holiday! / Shabondama
  4. [2010.03.17] Osaka no Koi Uta / RIVER
  5. [2010.11.24] Massara Blue Jeans / BINGO!
  6. [2011.07.06] Kimagure Princess / Seishun Collection
  7. [2012.08.18] Koi no Dance Site / Heavy Rotation
  8. [2013.01.05] MIRAI LOVE / Morning Coffee / UZA

Complication SinglesEdit

  1. [2012.05.12] Watashi no Ninja! / GIVE IT A CHANCE with Up Up Girls (Kari)


  • Originally the group was supposed to release original works, but due to their low sales, they were turned into a cover group.
  • Tsunku mentioned that every member is strong, but nobody seemed to work with them.
  • They are the second group to debut under The Idol Project umbrella.