Shizen Musume (Nature Musume), is a revival group of Country Musume. They officially debuted in December 2012.

Their best Selling single is: Watashi no Kuni de ha soto, selling 74,511 copies. Their lowest selling single is: Egao, watashi Dakara, selling 40,668 copies.



In June, Tsunku announced a new group would be formed and they would be a revival group of Country Musume. The audition of the group was similar to the Country Musume audition. The only difference was anybody between the age of 12-18 could join and they didn't have to be from Hokkaido.

At the end of September, the results were announced the winners were Mochizuki Hiromi, Fukumoto Emi, Minami Yuki,and Sakamoto Mayuri.


1st GenerationEdit

Mochizuki Hiromi(Blue)

Fukumoto Emi(Clover Green)

Minami Yuki(Teal)

Sakamoto Mayuri(Pink)


Indie SinglesEdit

[2012.01.15] Demo, Doushite?!

[2012.03.29] Sunny Days

[2012.07.05] Egao, Watashi Dakara

[2012.09.21] Moto Koibito

Major SinglesEdit

[2012.12.12] Watashi no Kuni de ha Soto

[2013.03.18] Honto no Jibun (Buono! Cover)

[2013.06.21] Summer Sparkles


[2012.] Shizen Musume 1: Beauty of Nature


  • Revival group of country musume
  • None of the members were part of Hello! Project.