Sugoi Stars! (すごいスターズ!; Formerly known as The Rose Club) is an UP FRONT CREATE all-girl quintet (formerly under NICE GIRL Project). The group was formed in 2012, and has been active all over Japan since.


First GenerationEdit

  • Aisaka Sayaka (逢坂さやか; Bright Red) (Leader)
  • Ito Konaka (伊藤コナカ; Spring Green)
  • Hayashi Makie (林蒔絵; Cyan)
  • Ono Misora (小野美空; Purple)

Second GenerationEdit

  • Kaneko Takara (金子タカラ; Orange)


2012: Formation and DebutEdit

In April 2012, since there was no new debuts out of the NICE GIRL PROJECT Kenshuusei, it was decided that The Rose Club would be formed. The group immediately started off working around nature and helping "preserve the planet". The Rose Club made their debut performance at an Up Up Girls live in July.

July 8, the group released their first single, 'Wow Wow Seishun'. The song only reached #15 on the charts, selling a total of 20,000 copies.

By the end of the year, The Rose Club had made the announcement that they would be holding their first tour the next year, a nationwide one with a total of 25 performances.

2013: Switch between companies & Kaneko TakaraEdit

Early February, The Rose Club released their first album, titled "Rose 1". 

In August 2013, towards the end of their first tour, it was announced that The Rose Club would be switching companies, from the NICE GIRL PROJECT to UP FRONT CREATE.