Japanese Pop

Years Active

2013 - Present



Main Members

Furukawa Nanase (2013 - Present) Matsuoka Ayaka (2013 - Present)

Iida Nobuko (2013 - Present)

Kimura Sumiko (2013 - Present) Nakano Harumi (2013 - Present)

Associated Acts


Sukiuta (スキうた) is a japanese girl group under the collective group DreamS and managed by H1GHFLY. They were formed in 2013 and currently have five members.

Their DreamS color is Peach.


  • Furukawa Nanase (古河七瀬; DiamondOrange(Visual, Lead Vocalist)
  • Iida Nobuko (飯田伸子; Spade♠ ; Blue) (Lead Vocalist)
  • Matsuoka Ayaka (松岡彩花; Queen; Pink) (Leader, Lead Vocalist)
  • Nakano Harumi (中野晴美; Heart; Red) (Youngest, Lead Dancer)
  • Kimura Sumiko (木村澄子; Clover; Green) (Sub-Leader, Main Vocalist)



On October 9, DreamS producer Icchan announced a new Indies group called Sukiuta, that was to rival Nagare★boshi. The members were announced online on YouTube, following member introductions. The members were chosen from another hidden DreamS audition. The members were; Matsuoka Ayaka (18) , Kimura Sumiko (23) , Iida Nobuko (18), Furukawa Nanase (17), and Nakano Harumi (17). Matsuoka Ayaka was chosen as leader because she had more experience in the entertainment industry, being a previous child star. Kimura Sumiko was chosen as sub-leader, as she was oldest. Their colors were picked out a hat by NeXus on a TV Corner of the DreamS anime, Butterfly Days.

They will debut on December 1, with their first indies single.


  1. [2013.12.01] Kare to Kanojo no Monogatari (His and Her Story)
  2. [2014.08.08] Girls' Life


  • They were created to rival Nagare★boshi.
  • The age range between the oldest to youngest is 6 years (1990 - 1996)
  • All members are actresses and models.
  • Matsuoka Ayaka was a previous child star.
  • They are one of the few groups not to have one DreamS Kenshuusei as members.
  • They are currently one of the oldest (in age) groups within DreamS.
  • They're group theme and stagenames will be used as "Cards". With the suits, Diamond, Spade, Heart, Clover, and Queen. They will also use symbols. 

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