Toyama Kanon (富山カノン)

Also Known As

ToyaKano, Yama-chan, Kanon-chan, Kanin-chan, Maka-chan, Non-chan


July 23, 1996 (Age 19)


Aichi, Japan


Japanese Pop


Singer, Dancer

Years Active

2011 - Present


@1, DreamS, Hello!Project, UP-FRONT WORKS

Associated Acts

NeXus, Polaris α, DreamS, Vega β

Toyama Kanon (富山カノン, born July 23, 1996) is a 3rd generation DreamS Kenshuusei. She joined DreamS Kenshuusei on January 27, 2011. 



On January 27, she, alongside 4 other girls, passed the DreamS Kenshuusei auditions. They made up the Third generation DreamS Kenshuusei.


She was a backdancer for NeXus' first concert. She was also a backdancer for the PolaVegaXus collaboration concert.


Toyama was chosen to form the new DreamS Kenshuusei unit, Ωmega, with three other girls.


  • Name: Toyama Kanon (富山カノン) 
  • Nickname: ToyaKano, Yama-chan, Kanon-chan, Kanin-chan, Maka-chan, Non-chan
  • Birthday: July 23, 1996 (Age 19)
  • Birthplace: Aichi, Japan
  • Blood type: A
  • Height: 155cm (5"1)
  • Hello! Project Status:
    • 2011-01-27: DreamS Kenshuusei
    • 2013-07-12: Ωmega Member
    • 2011-01-27: Member
  • Years in DreamS: 4 Years
  • Eastern Zodiac: Rabbit
  • Western Zodiac: Leo
  • Charm Point: Wit
  • Weak Point: Stutters a lot when talking in front of a huge amount of people
  • Strong Point: Very energetic and positive
  • Favourite Animal: Bunnies
  • Special Skill: Can bend thumbs all the way back
  • Hobbies: Singing, dancing, reading mangas
  • Favorite Food(s): Ice Cream Cake
  • Least Favorite Food(s): Potatoes
  • Favorite Color(s): Pink
  • Favorite Sport: Ping Pong/Table Tennis
  • Quality you have that you won't lose to anyone: My love for singing!
  • Looks up to: Tsugunaga MomokoSugiura AsukaAsakawa Sakura
  • Favorite Song: "Yattaruchan" by S/mileage
  • DreamS Group


  1. Neon Lights (Debut)
  2. Otona


  • Is trying to get over her fear of public speaking.
  • Her rival is Nakagawa Nagi.
  • Her best friend is Nakagawa Nagi and Itou Nao.
  • Ranked 4th in the Kenshuusei ranks (as of July 1, 2013)

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