Up beat Styles! (アップビートスタイル!, also known as UBS), is a ian idol group under UP FRONT PROMOTION, that is made up of former Hello! Project Kenshuusei members. They first made their indies debut in April of 2011, and later on, made their major debut in late 2014. They are the sister group of Up Up Girls (Kari).


2011: Formation Year, GraduationsEdit

July 12, After Hello! Project Kenshuusei members Akiko Yoshida, Fumiko Fujiwara, Miyako Kimura,Hana Oshiro, Nugoshiko Maya, Aya Koga and Miho Inoue announced their graduation to be August 9,Up Front PROMOTION's director decided to form a group of the graduating girls.

September 12, Nugoshiko left the group because of the difficulty and her wanting to lead a normal life. This was her official graduation statement:

"I am sorry but it is way too hard for me. I was always hoping I could become a full time idol but I never expected this, which makes me sound like a coward and an idiot. I know this will sadden Xiao Miya and all other members, but I amgraduating, sorry.It's not like I always thought idol life was easy,even though Up beat Styles! is only an indies group,but It is like I can't even see my friends anymore.And I was an for only a few days!But I would have to leave Shin Sedai anyways.Now that just crosses the line.Being a member of an official group should not just tear Shin Sedai apart like that.Anyhow,I am graduating.See you in the future.".

October 2, UBS made an guest appearance  at an Up Up Girl's live and performed their debut indies single "Baby Baby/An UP BEAT STYLE". The single was later released October 16, 2011.

December 24, Miyako Kimura announced her graduation, due to wanting live a quiet, normal life. 

Kimura's Message

I know Nugoshiko recently left the group,and that was hard on all her fans who wanted her to debut.I have alot of fans too,I guess,but I just don't want to be in the idol life no more.It is hard for me to be around my friends without them being mad at me for debuting and not spending enough time with them.True friends don't do that,but at the moment,I don't have any true friends.Sometimes,I can't even attend family events due to lives and events.

Forgive me about the late notice,but this day will be my last day as a Up beat Styles! member.I liked being an idol,but I guess you can't be an idol and have a normal life at the same time.From this day on,please continue to support me on my own way and please continue to support Up beat Styles!.



June 2012, during their first live tour, they announced a new member, Hello!Project Kenshuusei former member Kohaku Ito, to replace Miyako. After the tour, Up beat Styles! no longer continued to perform at the MAP Theater.

August 22, UBS released a new single called "Kawaii?? ~Todemo nai~", their first single to feature Kohaku.

October 20,it was announced that Kanagaki Yune would be added to the line up.

December 30,UBS released their ninth indies single,Yamate!Rokku!.


Up beat Styles! participated in the Hello!Project Winter 2013 concert tour.They performed "Yamate!Rokku!" and Break the Wall!.Break the Wall! was announced to be their tenth single,but the single is actually titled Break the Wall!/Power Kakumei.Break the Wall!/Power Kakumei is set for released March 23,2013. January 5,UBS announced the release of their debut album,It's Up Beat!.The album will be released April 9,2013. January 31,the release date of UBS's 10th indies single was announced.

July 25, it was announced that Nomura Asami would be added to the line up. 

Up beat Styles! had their first concert tour in the summer. It ran from July 8 to August 21.

2014: Major Debut YearEdit

July 1, at their Nakano Sun Plaza concert, it was announced that Up beat Styles! would be making their major debut in the fall.

October 17, the group released their first major single, "Ten no Koe / Suki janai, Aishite imasu". The single reached #4 on the Oricon Charts, selling a total of 31,004 copies.

At their livehouse concert in December, leader Yoshida announced that the group willl be releasing their first major album, sometime in 2015. It is titled "Tousha no Tsuyomi 1"

Current MembersEdit

  • Yoshida Akiko (吉田亜希子;OrangeLeader
  • Fujiwara Fumiko (フミカ藤原; Blue
  • Oshiro Hana (ハナ大城;  Red)
  • Kohaku Ito (紅白伊藤; Pink
  • Koga Aya (古賀あや; Yellow
  • Inoue Miho (井上美穂; Purple
  • Kanagaki Yune (仮名書き湯音; Green) 
  • Nomura Asami (野村麻美; Silver

Former MembersEdit

  • Miyako Kimura (宮古木村 Gold) Graduated December 24, 2011
  • Nugoshiko Maya (納谷 Silver) Graduated September 12, 2011




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Major Edit

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  • [2014.12.05] We Did It!! - Vol 1 -
  • [2015.03.15] We Did It!! - Vol 2 - 


  • [2013] The Up Beat Girls! - Up Beat Styles! Information Book -


  • Yoshida's plan for the group is to make them the "Queens of Up Front Promotion".
  • Instead of announcing it beforehand like most idols do, Kimura announced her graduation on the day of her graduation.
  • Yoshida,Fujiwara & Koga usually get the most ammount of solo lines in singles and are the most poopular members of the group.
  • The group was originally supposed to disband in 2013, but after seeing the group's hardwork, the idea was dropped.


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