Japanese Pop

Years Active

2013 - Present




Matsumoto Yuuka (2013 - Present) Murakami Ume (2013 - Present)

Associated Acts

NeXus, Polaris Alpha, GalaXy, Dearly Stars, JupiNus

YUME is a DreamS duo consisting of former DreamS Kenshuusei Matsumoto Yuuka and Murakami Ume. They are under DreamS and Dreamling. They were formed in 2013. They were originally a made-up duo from the drama "Hagemasu! Yude Tamago~" of the same name, but were brought to life by DreamS producer Icchan. Their DreamS color is Red.



On the 15th episode of the DreamS drama "Hagemasu! Yude Tamago~!", a sub-unit consisting of the two main characters (Matsumoto Yuuka as Kinoshita Nanase & Murakami Ume as Tsubaki Mahiru) was created as a plan to promote popularity for their agency. After many requests from the drama's fans to bring all the drama's groups to life, Icchan thought it was a good idea to do so. On July 3, Matsumoto Yuuka and Murakami Ume, as well as Nakagawa Nagi, graduated from the Kenshuusei program and debuted as YUME. They also became part of the drama's other groups that they were involved in, GalaXy and Neue Green. There was no decided leader.

Their first single, "Nexus", was released on July 3, and sold out 23,454 copies.

Current MembersEdit


  1. [2013.07.03] Nexus
  2. [2013.08.10] with you
  3. [2013.10.31] Kowai no Ai
  4. [2013.12.11] Colorful/Kimi no Yume wo Miyou
  5. [2014.02.16] Hoshizora Monogatari/CLICK

Collaboration SinglesEdit

  1. [2013.08.06] Shoddy Utopia Policy (with Dearly Stars and JupiNus)


  • Both members cried when they found out that they were debuting together.
  • Are currently the most popular group/duo out of the drama's groups that have come to life.
  • Tsunku and Icchan stated that "they are the strongest duo we've ever produced within DreamS".
  • Are said to be the rivals of JupiNus, NeXus and Polaris α.
  • They are to mirror eachother/act like twins, since they have the same height (like Kagamine Rin & Len). 
  • They currently have no leader.